Activities on your Blue Cruise

  • Snorkelling and Scuba diving

Snorkelling is such a pleasant way to glide through the water, observing the sea life. Snorkels are available on board, but please bring your own if you want to snorkel for a long time.

Scuba-diving in Turkish waters can only be done with a licensed dive guide. Of course, as with diving in any area that has a long history of sea trade, there are underwater antiquities scattered all over the seabed, such asamphorae(jars to you and me) and other ancient relics.

  • Swimming

There’s nothing like a swim in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean. We can’t explain what a pleasure it is, it so you’ll have to come and try for yourself. You don’t have to be a strong swimmer to enjoy the sea, but life jackets are provided and the crew can help too.NOTE: Turkey is a Muslim country and therefore you must respect the customs. Females must not go topless in populated areas, although in secluded bays and on deck is usually accepted.

  • Fishing

Boats should have fishing gear, and with some luck you’ll be able to catch some very tasty fish and persuade the cook to BBQ them. Yum!

  • Windsurfing, Water Skiing, Banana Boats and Jet Skis

You should be able to hire the equipment at certain stops.

  • White - water Rafting..

If you’re the adventurous type, you might like to try it for a proper adrenalin rush. There are two places to raft depending on your route. One is the Dalaman River and the other in Antalya (Koprulu Canyon). Pre-booking required.

  • Dinghy and Canoeing

Your gulet should have a canoe on board, and a crew member will help you use it. The dinghy is not for fun and is used to take passengers ashore when the boat is anchored just off the coast


  • Barbeques (BBQ)

Turkish BBQ is a must, with incredibly tasty fish and meat dishes. It’s a culinary highlight and the crew should be able to barbecue on board. NOTE: As there’s a risk of fire, BBQs are not allowed on land.

  • Tours on land

There’s a wide variety of tours to suit people of all ages and all interests. From going to a water park to seeing ancient ruins we can take care of it. Other examples include paragliding, bird watching, a jeep safari and more. So we can plan your trip, you must book tours before departure.

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