What is Gullet Yacht

Gulet is a traditional design of a  wooden sailing vessel from the south-west coast of Turkey, todays similar vessels can be found all around the eastern Mediterranean and popular bozburun gulet . Today Gullet, varying in size from 16 to 45 metres, is popular for tourist charters.

For considerations of crew economy, diesel power is now almost universally used and many are not properly rigged for sailing in Turkey.. Romance enclosed: ravishing sunsets, splashes of sea-water and seagulls astern. A cabin to dry your hair and have a drink to get warm after the sunset. Just a pastime for skippers and skipperesses of fifteen! Is it? Nothing of the kind.

In the world of yachts watercrafts are clearly divided into castes, and the Gulets are the hand-made charter yachts. Their decks are equipped with many comforts: several bedrooms with en-suite toilets and showers, a saloon with fine wines and branded strong drinks, a dining area at the rear deck, and sun tanning area on the front deck. These are the yachts of comfort and relaxation. Aboard such a yacht one can go on a voyage, celebrate jubilees or just have a rest.

Building such a beauty usually costs quite a sum and lasts for several years. That’s why along with the new yachts the old ones keep on furrowing the seas. They get some renewal at the yards, with restoration of interior and other alterations.

Gulet  The most popular type of traditional yacht for the 'Blue Cruise' is the gullet. It is a cruising yacht with large, rounded stern area which is well-suited for comfartable eating and lounging. Gullets usually have ketch (marconi) or schooner-rigging, with one, two or three foresails. Their lenghts change between 16 to 45 meters and they accommodate 6 to 16 persons in 3 to 8 double bedded cabins with private shower and WC

Aynakic  It has a raised, squared-off stern that allows space for additional cabins below compared to a gullet. There may be a large master cabin at the stern. They accommodate 8 to 24 persons in 4 to 12 double bedded cabins with private shower and WC. They are generally ketch (marconi)-rigging and measure 16 to 45 meters

Tirhandil  It is the oldest type of local wooden boat with a pointed stern which is suited best for sailing in Aegean waters. Originally most had lateen sails; now the rigging varies from sloop to cutter to gaff. They normally measure between 11 to 18 meters in lenght and accommodate 6 to 8 persons in 3 to 4 double bedded cabins with private shower and WC

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