Kuşadası is a touristic town of Aydın province in southwestern Turkey. History of the city dates back to ancient times. It's founded by Ephesians and the name they gave to city is Neopolis. In Hellenistic Age, Kuşadası or Neopolis was an important harbour and one of the important settlements besides Ephesus, Miletus, Priene and Didyma.

When you come to Kuşadası, you can visit House of Virgin Mary in Selçuk and Ephesus ancient city. Also you can visit Greek island Samos which is situated just 2 kiometers off Kuşadası shores. There are scheduled ferry connection between Kuşadası and the island. Güzelçamlı village, Dilek Peninsula Nature Reserve, Doğanbey village are the other places you can see around Kuşadası.

Kadınlar Denizi beach, Güvercin Ada, Yılancı Burnu, Pigale, Papaz Hamamı, Karaova beach, Güzelçamlı beaches, Pamucak beach, Davutlar beaches where you can see caretta caretta turtles and beaches of Dilek Peninsula Nature Reserve are very suitable for swimming and other beach activities. In most of Kuşadası beaches it's possible to hire pedalo or jet ski, doing parachuting, canoeing or underwater sports.

Kuşadası is also a busy cruise tourism center. Tourists who get off the ships visit Kuşadası, Ephesus and House of Virgin Mary and benefit from eating and drinking or shopping opportunities of the region. Yacht charter Turkey.

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