Finike is a county of Antalya province. As you can understand from the name, Finike is founded by Phoenicians. The region has both Phoenicia and Lycia heritage. In Finike, agriculture is always more important than tourism. It's a quite untouched area and suitable for tourists who prefer a calm vacation away from crowds.

Gökliman beach, Çağıllı beach and Andrea Dorya bay are suitable for swimming and water sports. Gökliman beach is the most popular beach of the area. Andrea Dorya bay is an important stop for boat tours. Most important ancient settlements and other places worth seeing around Finike are Arykanda, Lymra, Suluin cave, ancient ruins in town center and Kırgöz Aqueduct.

In the area a local stone called Limra is mined. Finike is also famous for orange production. Washington, Yafa and Valencia oranges are produced in the area. These are the most delicious oranges of Turkey. Besides agriculture and tourism, yachting is also developed in the county. Finike has a world class marina. Yacht Charter Turkey.

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