Datça is one of the most untouched and beautiful places in southern Turkey. You can access the peninsula via motorway or ferryboat from Bodrum. Datça has an isolated location because of its narrow, mountainous peninsula. This location makes here different in terms of cultural and natural features. There are many pristine coves and small villages. Almond trees of Datça is famous. Datça villages produce the most delicious almonds of Mediterranean.

Datça town, which is the center of the county, has a population of 20.000. You can find many restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping opportunities here.

First settlement of the peninsula in history is Knidos. Datça Knidos is at the southernmost tip of the peninsula. This is an ancient Caria settlement which dates back to 2000s BC. Ancient settlement has two ports, one is used for trade, the other is for military purposes. Aphrodite statue in Datça Knidos is legendary and famous. This settlement was rich because of sea trade and has a population of 70.000 once upon a time. Now we can only see the ruins of the city. You can access Knidos via motorway or with boat tours. Yacht charter Turkey, Datça.

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