Syros, although not full of touristic attraction, is a Greek island of the Cyclades islands group and is the best place to get to know the Greek islands culture. Tourism is not significantly developed on the island despite the fact that there are at least 13000 people living only in its capital city Ermoupolis. The reason for this is because the centre of government of Cyclades is on this island and people are occupied with governmental things mostly. With an area of 83.6 square kilometres, the island is considered to be populated compared to most of the other islands. The terrain of the island is hilly. So it would be better to rent a car or motorbike.

There are also some small parts that can be visited by foot but to be able to see the whole island, it is better to have a transport. There are taxis and busses as well. The island may not be very touristic, but there are many beaches where you can lay back and enjoy the sun and the sea. If you go there you can visit Kini, which is a rather touristic place consisting of bars and restaurants. When you are in Ermoupolis it is recommended to explore the city by foot to cease the moment. You can visit Ano Syros together with Agios Georgios which is a Catholic Cathedral. It is also highly recommended to buy traditional products like herbs or sweets.

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