The Greek island Skyros is an island with a special character of its own, having a vivid tradition and touristic facilities as well. One of the must be seen places on the island is the Medieval Castle. There are wonderful beaches on the island; some of them with touristic facilities and some not. People who are in search of a quite place should go to beaches with less facilities and people who enjoy being mong the crowd can choose beaches that have many facilities. The most well known beach is Molos and it offers many opportunities for tourists. The relaxing atmosphere of the island along with its secluded beaches and special architecture are the main charms of Skyros. It is known as the least developed island that belongs to Sporades group but there are still many interesting things to be seen and done on the island. For example there are beautiful hikin routes, picturesque white houses, a castle from the Byzantine period and the monastery of Saint George.

You can also visit the folkloric museum and get an idea about the materials used in the ancient times. Its water is clear just all the water of all the other Sporades islands. There are touristic restaurants, beach bars and other places for the tourists. It is a perfect island for trekking and for being one with nature. The untouched natural beauty of the island is splendid and offers many scenes of greenery and wildlife. The island is also famous for its Skyrian ponies. Sailing to Greek islands is a perfect choice for holiday. Going there by taking motor yacht charter Greece is even more perfect. You will have a chance to see this and many other islands that you choose to see in your journey. Yacht charter Turkey will take you to this heavenly place and make you spend the most incredible days of your life.

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