The Greek island Skopelos, which lies between Skiathos and Alonissos, is the perfect island to spend the summer holiday. Suitable for families and couples, the island offers many attractions. The main towns of the island are situated on top of a hill offering great view to visitors. The natural beauties on the island with splendid water is the right place to spend a calm and easy holiday. The distinguished architecture of Skopelos is also one of the attractive parts of the island. Picturesque villages of the island are worth seeing.

The island is also famous for being the setting of the movie called Mamma Mia. Monasteries and churches are interesting constructions to visit on the island. The relaxing effect of the island is what draws people to this place. The scent of pine, sea and the great scenary are the most attractive parts of the island. Hiking under the shades of the forests is a perfect way to stay away from the summer heat and while hiking in the forest, you will also have a chance to see different animals of wildlife. Routes, which amaze people every minute, are wonderful.

The view from the mountains is dazzling and it is the place you would want to be in your holiday. The mountainous island of Skopelos is surely the island that must take its place on the sailing to Greek islands list. The inhabitants of the island all solely occupied with tourism and it is the only source of income. Being one of the most greenest islands of Greece, it attracts many people from all around the world every year. Yacht charter Turkey offers this and much more in your summer holiday. All you need to do is to contact us and let us arrange a holiday that completely defines you. According to your needs, motor yacht charter Greece will arrange the perfect holiday. 

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