The touristic island Skiathos is a Greek island of Sporades group with approximately 6000 people living on it. It is a small island located on the east of Pelion and west of Skopelos. The highest point of the island is 433 metres and the capital of the island is Skiathos. With its more than 60 beaches, the island is one of the most touristic ones. There are also large pine forests where you can take walks under the shades of trees and explore its greenery and other natural beauties. The untouched nature of the island with its touristic facilities like hotels and restaurants, offer tourists many things. It is an island with a long history dating back to earlier times. On the island you must see the Evangelistria monastery and the ruins of Kastro. There are many touristic attractions to be visited as well like Byzantine Church of Christ or Papadiamatis House-Museum. The island is also famous for being the ship construction centre of the Aegean because of the forests.

With the invention of steamboats, it was stopped some time later. The island is one of the must be seen places. The vivid atmosphere of the island is suitable both for families and young people. There are some beaches on the island that can only be accessed by boat like the exotic Lalaria beach and by taking yacht charter Greece you will have the opportunity to go to these beaches and spend your day relaxed far away from the crowded beaches. Motor yacht charter Greece will make you spend the most amazing holiday in your life. Sailing to Greek islands that have great sandy beaches is what you need to do in your summer holiday. Skiathos, with many touristic activities is a cosmopolitan island that will make you feel in paradise. By joining yacht charter Turkey, you will be able to start sailing from Turkey and go to any Greek island you wish to see.


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