The Greek island Sikinos, which is located on the South Aegean Region is a famous destination for holiday especially in the summer. It lies between Ios and Folegandros. The island is also close to Santorini Island. In the earlier times the island was called Oinoe meaning ”the island of wine”. The island is not extremely developed in terms of nightlife and activity, but it is a perfect place if you are searching for quiet sites. The island consists of two villages. There are also some beaches to spend the day in a relaxed mode.

Ancient ruins can also be found on the island. Because of the conditions of the terrain it is not easy to go everywhere on the island but it is still a very popular place, especially for the naturalists. There are 273 inhabitants on the island and as it is not very much developed it is mostly prefered by people who like peace and calmness. Sightseeing and natural attractions are things that attract people to come to the island. Here you can get closer to nature and get rid of the crowd.

Yacht charter Greek Islands

You can free your mind of every problem and just spend a relaxing time while photo shooting, swimming or sunbathing. Sailing to Greek islands is a perfect idea for summer holiday and if you want a quiet place you should try Sikinos island where you can see picturesque settlements, many pathways and monuments. The one other thing that attacts people to the island is its white washed houses. Even the pavements on the island is white and it offers a very bright view to the visitors combined with blue-domed churches, blue sea and blue sky. This secluded island of Cyclades islands group has a monastry and a folklore museum which are also worth the visit. Yacht charter Greece enables you all of this.

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