Serifos is a Greek island suitable to spend summer holidays. Sailing to Greece is a very popular destination nowadays and tourism is beginning to develop on the island of Serifos as more and more people want to get away from the crowd everyday. There are many villages on the island that can be visited and numerous beaches to spend the day. It is a small island with 65 square kilometres. Its main town Hora is very popular among the tourists. The island is also very important in terms of mythology.

On this island it is said that Perseus turns King Polydeuctes into stone and thus saves his mother from the violence of the king. Copper and many other minerals can be found on the island. The island has many natural springs from which clean water can be obtained. The island may be new in terms of tourism but there are still many hotels, cafes and restaurants available for tourists. As it is not very touristic like other Cyclades islands, not many people understand English but still it is a place worth exploring. If you are interested in getting to know a whole different place with a whole different culture motor yacht charter Greece will give you the opportunity to experience that.

There is bus service on the island to other villages but beaches are within walking distance. When you land on the island it is recommended to go to the beach and to see the Hora. You will be fascinated by the white houses of Hora and by the Byzantine architecture. If you desire to get lost in the ancient history or if you want to spend a calm day without any disturbance, Serifos is where you need to be during your holiday. By taking yacht charter Greek islands you can make your dream holiday come true.

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