Schinouss is a small island of Greece with an area of only 8,51 square kilometres. The shape of the island is very interesting as it has many bays and peninsulas. The terrain is not hilly, so it is a perfect place to hike anywhere you want. It has a very fertile land and is therefore being cultivated every year. Besides agriculture, farming, fishing and tourism are also important occupations for the local people. It has a very mild climate, even in winter. There are only 256 inhabitants on the island. So, it is the perfect place for peace and quietness.

The island is not crowded and it has a very quiet nightlife. That is why if you are looking for a calm and relaxed holiday sailing to Greece and especially sailing to Schinoussa would suit you perfectly. You can go there by using our yacht charter Greek islandsMotor yacht charter Greece assures you to make you feel comfortable on the yacht and gives you the guaranty for a safe travel and entertaining holday. It is a very ancient island with a long history. You will find ancient Greek and Roman ruins on the island. Ruins of churches or of a small castle are also among the things that are worth seeing. When you go there you can have a relaxed day on the beach and make yourself comfortable.

You can go to the beach of Livadi or see the traditional wind-mill church. If you are interested in such a holiday you must contact us and book your place. Yacht charter Greece will make your dream holiday come true. You tell us what you desire and let us make it become real for you. We know that your time is valuable and with knowing this and with years of experience, we assure that you will not regret and never forget the holiday of your life.

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