The lovely island Spetses is an island of Greece and gets very crowded especially during summer in the weekends because of its closeness to Athens. Its main town Spetses is located on the slopes of a hill. In the past, the island was famous with its trade and thus many mansions from past times survived until this day. There are many beaches on the island. Some of them can be reached by bus or car and some of them can only be reached by boat. If you are searching for some privacy you must take yacht charter Greece. By taking motor yacht charter Turkey, you will have the opportunity to get the privacy you need as you will be able to swim whereever you desire. It is all up to you where to go and how long to stay. By sailing to Greek islands, you can stay in one place as long as you want.

The elegant atmosphere of Spetses will take your breath away. Hotels, restaurants, peace and quietness are what define this island. The large island with its numerous beaches and coves are waiting to offer everyone what they truely need. The amazing architecture in the island with its picturesque sites are worth seeing. The island is a perfect place to hike. Or if you are interested you can also visit the museum of Lascarina Bouboulina. The place used to be the home of a heroic character during Greek Revolution. The island is mostly crowded during summer. Of if you need some time quiet, you can come to the island in spring or in autumn. In the second week of september a traditional festival takes place on the island. If you choose to come to the island on september you can also see this festival that takes place every year at the same time. 

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