Psara is a Greek island which is part of Chios regional unit. The main and only town of the island is called Psara from which the island takes its name. There are about 500 inhabitants on the island most of whom are generally occupied with fishing as the terrain of the island is rocky and there are almost no trees. Shipping is also becoming an important source for living as more and more tourists every year are coming to the island to re-explore it. The island is 43 square kilometres and has the lenght of 8 km. The highest point of the island is 512 metres. The island has a very important history. After being invaded, the inhabitants of the island lit a fuse to the gunpowder depot and thus the towners along with their enemy were killed. This is a very important event for the island’s history.

When you go there you should definitely take a photo of the Agios Nikolaos Monastery which is situated on top of a cliff facing the sea. Small settlements can be found on the skirts of the monastery. There is also the monastery of Koimisis Theotokou and an archaeology museum to be visited. You will enjoy the quietness of the island and its beauiful shores.  It is recommended that the lobsters, honey and cheese of the island should be tasted before leaving. By taking motor yacht charter Greece you will be joining a tour full of amusement and peace. By sailing to Greece, you will find the sea, the nature, perfect views and historical sites all in one place.Yacht charter Turkey offers you the holiday you need. Yacht charter to Greek islands is something what everyone dreams to do. You will experience and share amazing moments with your friends or with your family. For further information contact us and let us arrange the perfect holiday destinations for you.

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