If you are in need of an escape the Greek island Paxos will offer you what you need. It is 19 squarekilometres and there are about 2000 inhabitants on the island. As it has no airport the island can only be reached by boat. It is for this very reason that the island is not developed in terms of tourism. There are many olive groves and a big vineyard on the island. Its nature is totally untouched and the water is crystal clean. Its main town is Gaios which is a nice village that needs to be seen. There are two more villages that are called Lakka and Loggos, both charming and picturesque. When you come to Paxos you will feel the relaxed people and you will be effected by the the easygoing life over there. You will be away from all of your worries and problems and nobody will bother you there. You will be away from the eyes and from the haste of daily life.

You will fall in love with Paxos and will never want to leave it. By yacht charter Greece you will be able to access all the beaches and spend as much time as you want. The bay of Lakka will take your breath away and spend spectacular moments. Paxos will be your favourite holiday destination as it offers everthing you want in your holiday. The sun, the sea and the virgin nature alond with picturesque sites, are perfect for tourists who are in need of some privacy. Sailing to Greek islands is what everyone does in recent years and to experience this, all you have to do is to join motor yacht charter Greee. The unspoiled island with its exotic beaches and traditional architecture will make you want to come back. Isolation and peace is what everyone expects from a holiday. Yacht charter to Greek islands offers you all this and more. Contact us and let us make your dreams come true. 

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