The Greek island Patmos is a small island that has two main towns called Chora which is the capital and Skala, the port. Other towns are called Grikou and Kampos. There are 2998 inhabitants on the island. Its highest point is 269 metres. The island has its fame from religion as Saint John the Divine wrote the Apocalypse here. Because of this, religion is very important on the island. As public transportation there are bus services in Patmos. The island has two World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO and they are the Monastery of Saint John and the Cave of the Apocalypse. It is believed that John received his Revelation in this cave.

Yacht Charter Greece Patmos

The island must be visited even only for these two world heritages. The island is often being visited by Christian pilgrims every year because of Saint John. Patmos is very a picturesque island mostly visited because of religious reasons but there are also beaches where you can swim and relax. The island is definitely worth seeing at least once in a life time. By motor yacht charter Greece, you can make plans to this island in the near future. Sailing to Greece is what most people do during summer in these days. It is an alternative holiday away from the haste and the crowd. You can give yourself as much time as you want on the island without worrying about the time, because it is you who decides how long to stay on the island. This is the best thing about yacht charter Greek islands. You arrange your own time and your own holiday. Yacht charter Greece makes this holiday possible for you. If you are in need of an alternative holiday that includes the sea, the sun, history, new culture, new cuisine and new fascinating sites contact us now and arrange the best holiday of your life. gulet charter turkey.

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