Lemnos is a Greek island inhabited since very early ages. As it lies in a very important point, many people tried to capture the island in the earlier times to take advantage of it. When you set foot on the island you can visit its towns and villages. You can go to Myrina which is the port, or to Platy where you will find amazing beaches to enjoy the day. There is a historical town called Moudros. The island is so famous among the tourists that you can find every facility you would need as a tourist. There is even an airport on the island. In Lemnos you will find the castle of Myrina and you will come across with a perfect view. From the castle you can see the whole island and also the surrounding islands as well.

You should definitely take your time to see the whole island and wait for the perfect sunset. We assure you that it will take your breath away. You should see the chapel of Saint Nikolaos and various museums to have an opinion of the history of the island as it is full of history, archeological sites, perfect views, amazing beaches, delicious food and many other things that you would expect from a holiday. By taking yacht charter Greece you will have the opportunity to have it all. You will have an amazing time on the yacht while sunbathing and swimming and when yacht journey is over, interesting and entertaining hours awaits you on the island. Motor yacht charter turkey offers you the best service ever with its professional and qualified crew. If you are in love with nature, with the sea, with history and if you are ready to meet with new cultures sailing to Greece is exactly what you need. Contact us now and get ready for the most amazing holiday of your life.

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