Oinousses, is a complex of Greek islands, located 8km west of Turkey. The complex is made up of nine islands. The largest of them is called Oinousses and this is the reason why it is called by this name. It belongs to the group of North Aegean islands. The main town of the islands is Oinousses, which is the actual name of the island itself. There are about 1000 inhabitants living on the islands. Most of them are situated in Oinousses. The islands are not very populated but it contains facilities to fulfil the basic needs of the inhabitants. There are for example a school for education, some churches, a Naval high school and a maritime museum.

The main occupations on the islands are seafaring, fishing and goat-herding. The islands are famous for its wine. Even in the ancient times the fame of its wine was well known throught the world. There are willow trees all around the islands. It is a perfect place to be near nature and to spend some pleasant hours. It has magnificent coves for swimming and an amazing water. You can take walks on the islands as well. It is a deserted island full of virgin natural beauties and incredible views. The islands also have a long history in shipping. When you go there you should also taste its seafood. Motor yacht charter Greece is at your service to make this holiday real for you. You will be satisfied by the journey on the yacht and everything that follows. It is our pleasure to offer you the best service to make your dream holiday come true. Sailing to Greece is an alternative holiday especially for people who are in love with the sea, the nature and with history. By taking yacht charter turkey, we assure you that you will not regret a moment and will never forget this holiday of a life time.

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