Megisti is a Greek island that is beginning to develop in terms of tourism, as more and more people every year are looking for quiet places to spend their holidays. The island owes its fame also to the Oscar-winning movie Mediterraneo as it was shot on Megisti. The name of the island is particularly interesting as it means “biggest” or “greatest” but that the island is actually the smallest among the Dodecanese group of islands. The island is also referred to as Kastellorizo.

Megisti is rich in caves all around the island. That is why it is a perfect place to have some adventure and experience unforgettable moments. On the island there is the former Italian government house located at the entrance of the harbour built in 1926 and there is the former Ottoman mosque from the 18th Century to be seen. The mosque stands as a museum for tourists now. It was reeopened in 2008 after being restored. There are also some monasteries, cathedrals and churches to be seen. The island is known for its Castle of the Knights dating back to 14th Century. Parts of the castle are still visible. The island has a long history dating back to ancient times.

Yacht Charter Greece Megisti

There are approximately 492 inhabitants on the island. The island is a perfect place to get lost in history. You will be fascinated by its authentic atmosphere. If you are interested in history and want to experience interesting moments contact us and let us make your dream holiday come true. Motor yacht charter Greece takes you to Greek islands on comfortable yachts and while having fun during the journey, enables you to experience unforgettable moments on the prearranged islands. Sailing to Greece is very common among tourists in these days. Yacht charter Greek islands is the type of holiday you need.

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