If you are searching for some place isolated, Mathraki, with its pure and untouched nature and clear water offers you exactly what you need. People who are in need of privacy should come to Mathraki to spend their holiday. As there are not many touristic facilities here, there are also not many tourists in the summer months. There are only 339 people living on the island which is one of the Ionian islands. The highest point of island is 152 metres.  The best way to visit the island would be with a yacht where you will eat your meal and spend the night and in the morning get on the island to benefit from its sun and sea. Yacht charter Greek islands will take you to the island and will make you experience unforgettable moments there. You will enjoy hiking on the island as there are no other means of transport.

But this is the very thing that makes the isolated islands special. You will benefit from the coves where you will be spending time only by yourself and your family or your loved ones. When you set foot on the island it is mostly recommended to go to Portello beach, known for its being the best beach on the island. Only by seeing a few photos of the island itself and of its beaches, it will be enough reason for you to decide to visit the island. If you are looking for a quite place to go to in your holiday, let motor yacht charter Greece arrange you the holiday you need. With our experienced crew we assure you a safe and enjoyable journey on the yacht, and entertaining and satisfying hours on the island. By sailing to Greek islands you can spend the most tranquil holiday of your life, away from the crowd and from the haste. You will feel the time stopping on the island as you lay yourself back on one its coves or as you take a walk inside its nature. For more information about the island or yacht charter Greece, contact us now.

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