Life On Board

Many of the modern yachts and gulets are like small hotels. They offer the perfect setting for a relaxing outdoor holiday. On the boat, you won’t feel confined as there should be enough space plus plenty of opportunities to go ashore and swim in the refreshing turquoise sea.

During a Blue Cruise, most people seem to spend most of their time sipping drinks and relaxing on the sun deck. But there’s also time for water-skiing, scuba diving, fishing plus walks once you drop anchor in a quiet cove.

Items you’ll need

  • A camera
  • Swim-wear as that’s what you’ll wear in the daytime
  • Suitable sturdy shoes for walking on land
  • Beach towels, lots of sun cream, hat and beach shoes
  • Evening wear. Turkey is a relaxed place, so bring casual clothing.
  • Your own games, books etc.
  • Finally, if you want to sleep on deck,under the stars, please bring a sleeping bag.

Things to be aware of

  • Using too much water and electricity as there’s a limited supply on board
  • No smoking inside. You can smoke on deck but do not throw the butts into the sea.
  • The wind can easily blow your things away, so please take care.
  • No throwing toilet paper or anything else that will block the toilet. Use the bin at the side.
  • The captain can change the original route if something comes up, e.g. the weather changes.
  • If you’re away from the boat tell a crew member and your friends when you’ll return. If the captain asks you to be back at a specific time, then make sure you’re not late.
  • Keep watch over your children at all times
  • We know you might like to jump off the side of the boat. However, please wait for the boat’s engines to stop. Also don’t swim too far from the boat and avoid swimming into the path of other boats.
  • The boat’s dinghy can’t be used for fun sailing. It’s there to take you to and from shore, or as a life boat.
  • Wet floors may be slippery so please watch out. Also be careful of any other equipment in the boat whilst you’re moving around.
  • When you leave the boat please check you haven’t left anything.

The team at Dalyan Yachting will be glad to meet you at the boat, and answer any questions you have. If you have any questions or issues during the tour, the captain will be happy to help. Yacht charter Turkey.

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