Lefkada which is also called Levkas, is a Greek island of the Ionian group. The island takes its name from the white rocks located in the Lefkada cape, as the Greek word Leukos means white in English. It is the fourth largest Greek island with the main town called Lefkada. The island is actually very close to mainland. It is only 50 metres away, but still there is a narrow canal that separates the island from the mainland. As there is a boardwalk and a floating bridge between the mainland and the island, it can be said that this is the only Greek island which can be accessed by car. There are about 22000 people living on Lefkada and especially in summer the island gets very crowded as many tourists come to visit Lefkada in order to see its mountains, waterfalls, culture, villages or to benefit from its beaches, sea and warm climate. There are also many historical sites that are worth seeing and natural beauties to be appreciated. You can visit the museums, churches or monasteries on the island or the mediaeval Venetian castle, city of Nirikos and Lefkada cape.

There is no way you can get bored on the island. It is full of touristic attractions suitable for everyone coming from all around the world. The island encountered some major earthquakes in the past and thus many buildings were destroyed, but there are still many important and spectacular things standing and waiting for you to visit. You will be seeing many traditional houses, like the ones that were made up of wood as well. The sandy beaches with amazing water and view, will take your breath away. If you do not want to miss such a holiday yacht charter Greek islands would be the right decision. By taking motor yacht charter Greece you will be seeing this and nearby islands as well, without worrying about time and where to stay. You can spend as much time as you want on the island. All you have to do is join yacht charter Turkey

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