If you are interested in having an extraordinary holiday, sailing to Greece would be a very good choice for you. We, as yacht charter Greece, do yacht charter to Greek islands, where you will spend the most interesting days of your life. Especially if you are interested in archeology, the island Kythnos would fit you perfectly. There are many archeological sites to see and there are still many ancient places that are waiting to be excavated. The oldest prehistoric Cycladic settlement which is in Maroulas, is also on the island.

This side dates back to 8500 B.C. When you go to the island you will find a very long history of it and we assure you that it is worth travelling. The island is also known for its churches. You can visit the castle of Oria which was the capital of Kythnos untill the 16th Century. If you want to have some adventure you can see the cave Katafiki, which is among the biggest caves of Greece. There is the sanctuary of the Goddess Dimitra, the ancient harbor, the ancient metal mines, the folkloric museum and the ecclesiastic and Byzantine museum.

You can go to these places by hiking, which is the perfect way to see the island or you can do scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling. It is a safe island full of historical places and adventure. Kythnos is a beautiful island with many beaches, more than 70. If you want to explore a whole different culture, hereby we offer this opportunity by taking yacht charter Greece.

You will have a fascinating journey on the yacht, where you will do sunbathing, relaxing and swimming if desired and you will be having the holiday of your life. Kythnos is only one island among the many Cyclades group of islands. We advice you not to miss this opportunity. With many years of experience, please contact us immediately and let us arrange you the type of holiday you need.

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