Kythira that belongs to Ionian islands of Greece lies between Peloponnese and Crete. The main town of the island is called “Chora” and is located on the southern part of Kythira. The large number of inhabitants of the island live in Potamos. There are also some other villages that are worth seeing. The island has mythological and historical importance. Kythira is rich with wild flowers and herbs. With its large biodiversity the island is worth seeing in every sense. The locals are mostly occupied in agriculture or fishing but in recent years tourism has also become an important source of living. That is why new touristic facilities are opened and are still opening. The island is developing in terms of tourism. English is also spoken, mostly by people who are engaged in tourism sector. There are amazing beaches on the island and if you want to see something historical, there are many historical momuments like the Byzantine castle city or the Venetian castles. Or if you are a naturalist the island again offers waterfalls, ponds or caves. There is also a lighthouse, several mills and watermills.

There is no way that you can get bored on the island as it offers at least one thing for everyone. People from all around the world come to see this island in order to smell the air of sea, nature and the history. Both of them combined together makes up the perfect holiday you need. If you are in need of such a holiday yacht charter Greece is your answer. Yacht charter to Greek islands offers you a holiday that has adventure, sea, history, nature and culture in it. Motor yacht charter Greece is ready to give you everything you expect from a holiday. Do not be late and contact us now to make this holiday of dreams come true. For more information call us now.

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