Today you may hear people saying that they have been to Koufonisia which is actually Ano Koufonisi, not to mix with Kato Kofonisi which is also a nearby island belonging to Cyclades Islands group. Koufonisia is a rather small island, only with one village to see, but there are interesting and historical places to visit such as Saint George’s Church, Saint Nicholas’ Church, Panagia’s Church, the windmill which is called Mylos or if you want some adventure you can also explore some caves.

You will find out that the inhabitants not only speak Greek but also English and other European languages as well. That is why you do not have to worry about the language at all. When you go there you do not have to find a transport to go somewhere because everywhere is close and you can always walk. Or you can rent a bike.

There is also bus service available in the summer. When you set foot on the island you can visit all of these places and when you get tired you can just relax and enjoy the beauty of the sun and the sea. You can do sunbathing and swimming. It is the perfect place for calmness and for a quiet holiday. You will feel yourself free of everything and every burden of the outside world. You can reach all of these by contacting us.

Yacht Charter Greece

Sailing to Greece is no more a dream, because it can become real with yacht charter Greece. We do yacht charter Greek islands where you will spend the most unforgettable moments of your life. We offer you the opportunity to free your mind of everything and have a relaxing time both during the journey by yacht and on the island. In Koufonisia you will find traces and have the time to explore the Greek culture. Thereby we offer a safe and enjoying journey.

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