The name Kimolos, which is a Greek island, is coming from the Greek word Kimolia, meaning chalks, referring to the white rocks on the island. Some sources also say that Kimolos was the first person to live on the island. It is a volcanic island and only this fact would be enough to have a reason to see the island. You will find very interesting land forms and you will be fascinated by the hot springs.

It has also many natural caves for people who like to explore and are in search of adventure. The island has 650 inhabitants so it is not very populated. The inhabitants are mainly involved with tourism in the summer and with agriculture in the winter. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend a quiet and adventurous time. You can also try the beautiful beaches of the island or you can try the restaurants and cafes.

The terrain of the island is hilly and dry but because of its volcanic area, the land contains rich minerals and the inhabitants can still get good crops. There are also many flowers and trees around it. The authentic abandoned and stone-built houses as well as narrow streets, will allow you to experience unique moments. Greek islands yacht charter.

The tourism on the island is newly developing as are the old houses are newly recovering. You can also visit ancient churches on the island, dating back to 16th Century. By taking yacht charter Greece, you can see all of those places in addition to an entertaining yacht tour. We offer you a very nice time on the yacht where you can relax and enjoy the journey, and along with this, you will also be able to explore a whole new place full of authenticity and mystery. For further questions do not wait to call us. 

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