Kea is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea known for its arid climate and hilly landscape. With a length of 19 km and a wideness of 9 km, the island was used to be depopulated. Its population in the year 1991 was 1797. Loulis is the capital of the island, a place which is very picturesque. There are two other villages that are called port of Korissia and Vourkari. Today Kea attracts many people especially from Athens as a means of destination to go to in the weekends and for yacht trips.

This is the reason why the population increased to 2455 in 2011and that is why we are at your service. Yacht charter Greece takes you from a Turkish port and while having a nice time and trip on the yacht, you will also get the chance to see and explore the Greek island Kea. When you go there, we assure you that you will make sure that every moment counts.

You can visit the temple of Athena and many other authentic and ancient places on the island. The island has a very long history and the atmosphere of the island will take you back to those days. For those who do not like hiking can choose the beach option. You can try the beaches and enjoy your time. You can also do scuba diving. It is good for wreck diving for you can see the steamship Patris, sank in 1868.

Also many important people like Aristo, Prodicus or Simonides were from this island. If you want to experience an interesting and entertaining holiday, you should try yacht charter greek islands and contact us immediately. There are many other islands that you can visit as well. So, in order to make a memorable cruise and land tour together, you should book your place right away.

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