Kalymnosis one of the northernmost islands in the Dodecanese group, and is located about 100km north-west of Rhodes. It lies near the Turkish riviera, with Leros to the north and Kos to the south. Around 17,000 people live there, most in the busy port capital of Pothia.

Tourism hasn't taken off in a big way because it lacks a major airport.The beaches aren’t as attractive as the other main islands and the landscape is mainly made up of limestone. The long valleys however, are as green and lush as you will find anywhere in the yacht charter Greek islands.

For this reason it’s very popular with climbers, and it’s also popular at Easter celebrations. A mixture of Greek and European tourists make it busier during summer, but not in the same way as Kos or Rhodes for example. The main tourist strip is found at Massouri on the stretch of west coast that lies opposite the impressive volcanic island of Telendos.

There’s still a lovely beach at Emborio, a charming resort at Vathi and the added interest of Telendos. You should also visit the Monastery of Saint Sava near Pothia and buy a local natural sponge in one of the shops.

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