Ithaca is a Greek island mostly heard as its being the home of Greek poet Homer’s Odysseus. That is why many sites or roads or other local things are named after him. It is a touristic but also an isolated island, perfect place for people who are in need of solitude. There are many towns on the island. For example Vathi is the main town where there are many tourists.

Kioni is a small but very picturesque village just like Frikes, Platirhias,Exogi, Perahori. Stavros is the second biggest town on the island which must definitely be seen. The island has many untouched beaches where there are no roads to go by car, but only by boat. Beaches called Afales, Filiatro, Gidaki, Kaminia are the most famous ones. The water of the island is crystal clear and if you are looking for some place to relax, the beaches of Ithaca would be a perfect choice for you. When you are on Ithaca you should see Kathara Monastery which was built on a 600 metres height and has great view.

You should go to Lazaretto that used to be a quarantine station and a prison in the earlier times. It is a historical place. In Pernarakia there is an abandoned monastery which has a wonderful view. You can take guided walks on the hills and mountains of the island because only by walking will you be able to really appreciate the natural beauties of Ithaca. There are also many local festivals during summer where you can hear some traditional music and eat traditional roasted lamb and pork. By tacking yacht charter Greece you will be able to see all around the island, including all the isolated beaches where no cars can pass by. Motor yacht charter Greece offers you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday with you and your loved ones. Sailing to Greek islands, especially to Ithaca, will take your breath away. 

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