If you are interested in having a quiet and interesting time, we, as yacht charter Greece, offer you a chance to explore the sea and the small Greek island Ios. Ios is one of the islands of Cyclades Islands group full of excitement and joy. With its white houses all around the island you will find the harmony in the colours. The pureness of the white and the bluest sky up above, you will feel yourself in paradise.

The island is located in the southern part of Greece. Known as a party island, Ios developed itself in time and became a place where people from all ages can find something for themselves. With its wonderful beaches with its sand as white as the salt, you can relax all day and enjoy the weather and at night you can have as much fun as you like. It has an exciting nightlife which is very cosmopolitan. You can also taste the traditonal food of Greece in its many restaurants or you can buy souvenirs from jewelry and clothing stores.

There are also quiet places on the island where you can find your own peace and have a time of your own. You can use the buses on the island or rent ATVs. There are many historical places to see as well. You must see Homer’s tomb, the open air theatre, archaeological museum, the old castle and the beach of Maganari. You can do watersports or hiking during the day and party at night. And you can do all of these without worrying about time because with our yacht charter Turkey, you are free to spend as much time as you want on the island. For further questions please contact us via e-mail or phone. We will be happy to arrange an amazing holiday for you and your family or your friends. 

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