Greek island Zakynthos is an island of Ionian group, famous for its nature and sea. The island is called in many names like Zakinthos, Zante or Zacinto. It is believed that the island took its name from the mythological character Zakynthos known to be the son of Dardanus. The island is attractive for tourists in many ways.  Picturesque sites, culture, nature, history and much more awaits you on the island. This is one of the few islands where you will be swimming with sea turtles around you. The untouched nature and sandy beaches with clear water offers you a relaxing and peaceful time with your family or your friends. You can also do snorkelling or scuba diving to discover its sea world. You can surf or if you want to explore the island itself, you can join a trekking-tour where you will be encountering with all sorts of green. With an area of 407,58 squarekilometre and a population about 40000 people, it is a cosmopolitan island that is very touristic and thus also touristically developed.

Yacht Charter Greece Zakynthos

The island is the third largest Ionian island and is a well known and frequently visited holiday destination. As it is so popular, there is even an airport on the island to serve the tourists coming from all around the world. By taking yacht charter Greek islands you will be exploring every part of the island. Visiting the famous Navagio beach, which can only be reached by boat, is only possible by motor yacht charter Greece. The island has many historical, architectural and natural sites that are worth seeing. You can see the traces of Neapolitan, Venetian, French, British and Greece architecture all around the island. Although the island suffered some earthquakes in the past, many ancient buildings still stand, waiting for you to visit. It will be hard for you to believe your eyes once you see the virgin beauty of the island. If you are searching for a holiday destination sailing to Greek islands is something that must be done at least once in a life time.

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