The Greek island Corfu, which is located in the Adriatic Sea, is also known as Kerkyra. The island was under control of Venetians, French and British in different periods throughout history. That is why it bears traces from different nations from different periods. Corfu is the main town of the island. This is also the place where cruise ships, ferries or yachts dock mostly and the airport is also in this town. The north of the island is more mountainous whereas coastal parts are more developed. On the southern part of the island there are sandy beaches and this part is more quite and isolated compared to other areas. The only occupation on the island is tourism. That is why the island is very developed in terms of tourism. There are many places to visit on the island. Benitsis is an old and traditional village with water springs forming two small rivers.

There are many activities that can be done on the island. Especially water sports and amusement facilities are a lot. The climate of the island is warm. Even in winter it is mild. The island offers safety for children. If you are thinking of bringing your family, you should take your kids with you too. There are all sorts of transportation like bus, taxi, car or bicycle. If you come to Corfu you should see old Perithia which reflects Venetian influence. There is an old fortress and Palaces of Saint Michael and Saint George in Esplanade. Houses from 17th to 19th Century in Kynopiastes will take you to past and will take your breath away. There is also a marble church, a monastery and a museum there. Yacht charter Greece is a perfect plan for holiday. You and your loved ones will experience fascinating moments by sailing to Greek islands. Yacht charter Greek islands is what you need to do in your summer holiday. For more information contact us now.

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