Ikaria is a Greek island that lies in the west of Samos and south of Chios islands. Its main town is called Agios Kyrikos. It is a touristic island but on the island, nature and development are in a balance as it is one of the islands that tries to only use “Green Energy”, that are the renewable energy sources. That is why no matter how crowded the island is during summer months, its nature stays untouched. It is a perfect place for people who are in need of some freedom and some space of their own. There are about 8312 people living on the island. When you are on the island, you can try the qualified restaurants and bars in Agios Kyrikos. Or you can visit the port town Evdilos where you will find some hotels and taverns. You can swim and sunbath in the picturesque beaches of Armenistis. You can take walks on the streets and smell the air of the sea and the fish.

Especially the beaches of Ikaria are very amazing. There are more crowded touristic beaches and there are beaches where there is no facility or crowd except the nature itself. You can choose whichever you want. You can be only by yourself and your loved ones or you can use the beaches that includes touristic facilities. You can visit museums as well if you are interested. There are archaelogical and folkloric museums where you will find traces from ancient times. Motor yacht charter Greece is here to get you closer to nature. Sailing to Greece is an alternative holiday plan which you will be able to spend some time swimming, sunbathing and also to see new cultures, meet with new people, taste new food and see historical places. If you want it all in your holiday you should try yacht charter Turkey where you will have a relaxing and also a cultural holiday full of memorable hours.  

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