Greek island Hydra is an impressive and attractive island that is very close to Athens. Because of its location, the island gets especially crowded during summer in the weekends. The stone mansions on the island, settled on the slopes of a hill, amazes you at first sight. The island is a very special island due to the fact that no cars are allowed on it. All transport is done on foot and that is why you can fully appreciate its beauties while walking. In some places, you can see donkeys as well. There are about 2000 people living on the island most of whom are occupied by tourism. It is very developed touristically. Its beaches are generally small coves with clear water surrounded by nature. There are many hotels and restaurants for the tourists. Especially day and night life in Hydra port is very active. You will get fascinated by the countryside while hiking and will be able to see the old mansions and monasteries as well. If you are in search for unique moments full of quietness,

Hydra is the right place to spend the holday in. The name of the island comes from the mythological character Hydra who is said to be the sister of Medusa. She was a monster with nine heads and was killed by Hercules. Hydra, with its spectacular beaches with wonderful view will make you want to come back again. The island is known for being a popular yachting destination. If you are willing to see this incredible island, you can join yacht charter Greece. If you want to see Greek islands, sailing to Greek islands may be a good choice for you. The island has witnessed many periods as it is an ancient island. Traces of pre-history, antiquity and the Byzantine period can be felt on the island. To see this historical and beautiful place, join motor yacht charter Greece.

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