Halki is a Greek island and municipality in the Dodecanese archipelago in the Aegean Sea, some 6 Km west of Rhodes. With the area of 28 Km², it is the smallest inhabited island of the island chain. It is part of the Rhodes regional unit and has a small population of 478 (in 2011) in Emborio. The community is divided in two places, Chorio (orHorio - the village) andΧωριό and Emporio (the port).

The island originally supported a much larger population, but after emigration in the mid twentieth century,Chorio was almost completely abandoned. A ruined medieval castle of the Knights of St. John overlooks the old town and the chapel contains some of the original frescoes.

The Municipality of Chalki includes several uninhabited offshore islands, the largest of which is Alimia to the northeast, and has a total land area of 37Km². The island's main industry is tourism, although fishing is also substantial. There is virtually no natural water supply, and rainfall is collected in large cisterns. As a result, drinking water is brought in from Rhodes, but there can be shortages during the summer months when the population increases.

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