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Blue voyages are very popular and one of the very important parts of Turkish tourism. These voyages are mostly made with special Turkish yahts called gulet. Gulet yachts are very suitable blue voyage yachts and they’re mostly builded at Marmaris, Göcek and Bodrum shipyards. Gulets vary in size from 14 to 35 meters and these yachts can accommodate 6 to 16 persons. They're both a comfortable and joyous transportation vehicle and a perfect leisure activity.

In Turkey, there are new marinas opening every day and both new and second hand boat markets are very lively. Gulets are an important element of the market. You can find motoryacht, fiber sailboats, gulets and many other boats with different models and brands in the second hand market.

In this lively gulets for sale Turkey market, we provide you a very large product line. We give you consultancy for choosing a gulet that suits your expectations and needs perfectly. If there are maintenance and repair costs, we honestly report these to you too. By giving a complete, high quality and honest service both before and after sales, we always prioritize to contribute the development of Turkish maritime.

During the recent years, because of reasonable production, maintenance, repair and wintering costs, European boat fanciers show a strong interest to Turkish gulet market. We're glad to see the development of gulet building and sales services and yachting as tourism facility, hobby, sportsand life style in Turkey. At the moment, Turkey is one of the best yachting destinations in Europe.

Your gulet will be a second home for you, you'll spend long hours, even days on board. It's very important to choose a gulet that suits your needs. We're ready to help you about gulets for sale Turkey. You'll find the best gulets and experience the best days of your life in Turkish seas. 

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