Santorini which is a volcanic island of Greece, lies between Ios and Anafi islands, also islands belonging to Cyclades islands group. The island is best known for its white aubergine, beautiful sunsets, the town called Thira and of course for its volcano. There are many beaches to spend the day on, like Perissa beach. Or you can go to the beach of Kamari where you will find black pebbles.

There are some villages and towns on the island that are called Fira, Karterados, Kamari, Firpstefani, Imerovigli etc. The island is very rich in terms of architecture and history. You will be encountering many historical sites and churches. Santorini is also known as Thira. You can also visit tavernas and cafes. There are shops as well. When you go there you will have perfect views to take photos.

Santorini is such a famous island that many videos and movies were shot there, such as Tomb Raider II. The island is especially crowded in the summer. The best time to visit the island is between April-June and September-October. When you come to the island you do not have to worry about getting bored. It is an island with lots of activities, like horseback riding, scuba diving etc. If you are interested in sailing to Greece and in doing all of these things, yacht charter Greece is your answer.

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