Peloponnese or also known as Peloponnesus is a Greek peninsula with four administrative regions. The peninsula is separated from the Greek mainland by Corinth Canal. It is a large peninsula with mountains in the interior part. Its highest point is 240 metres and is called Mount Taygetus. It is a very ancient peninsula and got its name from the mythological hero Pelops, who is known to be the person who conquered the region. That is why Peloponnese means “Island of Pelops”.

There are many traces on the peninsula from different periods like Roman, Byzantine, Slavic, Frankish, Ottoman, Venetian and modern Greek. It is a place with a very long and significant history. There are many towns, archaelogical sites to be seen. Greek cuisine on the peninsula is also very famous and must definitely be tasted. With its rich culture and natural beauty it is also a place to spend the holiday to relax and to have entertaining times.

The beaches of the peninsula offer beautiful weather and clear water. Summer is the highest and most suitable season to spent the holiday and to appreciate every beauty on it. Splendid castles, many churches and settlements are other attractions of the peninsula for the tourists. You can mix watersports and historical and cultural holiday in here. It is the right place to have it all. Motor yacht charter Greece offers you this chance to see all parts of the peninsula by mooring whereever you wish to spend time in. Yacht charter Greek islands is the best way to travel to these islands. Yacht charter Greece will take you to this place where you can find nature, sea, sun, archaeology, history, sports and many other things all together. There so many things to explore on the peninsula. There is no way you can get bored. This place offers something to everyone. Do not be late and contact us.

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