Greek Islands

Turkey has many attractions along the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline. Tourists come to Turkey not only to have fun, but also to discover ancient cities and the nature. Bodrum-Greek Islands or Marmaris-Greek Islands routes will be the best options to see many historic and amusement places.

Dalyan Yachting the Yacht Charter Greece and Greek islands

Rhodes is the best place for those who would like to sunbath on an amazing beach and swim in deep blue waters. Rhodes is also famous for its night life. Apart from its warm waters and lovely sands, it is favorable for those who has diving hobby. From time to time Dalyan Yachting Greek Islands offers you enjoyable activities.

Rhodes Island is divided into two as the New City and the Old City. The New City is famous for Colossus monument and its beautiful beaches. Colossus is one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. The island is full of historical and cultural ruins as knights used to live here in ancient times. Dalyan Yachting Greek Islands Blue Voyage offers you unforgettable memories.

As well as Rhodes, you may enjoy the sun and the sea also in Symi Island. Symi Island is a sweet island thanks to its neoclassic houses. You will see small farms, olive groves, beaches and paths taking you to the depth of history. You will enjoy the scenery and visit the museums, churches, souvenir shops and taste its delicious food.

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