Gocek Gulet Hire

A gulet hire in Göcek is a wonderful way to spend your next holiday and allows you to appreciate one of the most attractive areas of the Turkish coast. Admire the mountains, the forests and the beautiful islands that are dotted around this gorgeous piece of coastline. Göcek is located between Fethiye and Dalyan, on the South East coast of Turkey and it is surrounded by a small group of 12 islands, which form a gorgeous archipelago. In spite of having a modest population of just 4,000 people, Göcek is one of the most popular destinations of Turkey for the nautical tourism, a great sailing destination, so get your flip-flops and sunscreen ready and embark on an epic journey!

Explore Göcek’s beautiful beaches, coves and islets which are only accessible by boat, which is one of the best things about chartering a boat with aBoatTime! Visit secluded and stunning coves lie Atbuku, Bedri Rahmi and Manastir and swim in their turquoise waters whilst not being hampered by large numbers of tourists! There’s more to Göcek’s coast than just gorgeous coves, there are also some amazing beaches you can visit such as Sarigeme Beach or Inlice Beach which are great sandy beaches with the chance to enjoy some fantastic snorkelling.

Moreover, this part of southern Turkey provides a great opportunity for water sports enthusiasts. For example, the river Dalyan is perfect for kayaking, canoeing and even rafting and for beginners there are plenty of schools for you to learn how to do the sports.

Gulets are great for big size groups as they provide the most space which in addition to the large living and deck space provides the highest level of comfort and relaxation for you whilst you enjoy your holiday on the water, making it the favorite type of boat for many sailing enthusiasts. Gulets are also great for long sailing periods as they provide a lot of the amenities that we have in our homes. Why not use your gulet to sail in Turkish waters? Choose the gulet that you like best and get ready for an amazing time exploring Göcek!

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