Edremit is a county of Balikesir province in northern Aegean region. This region is especially famous for its high quality olive oil and other olive products. Akçay, Zeytinli, Altınoluk and Güre are famous beach towns of Edremit. Besides hotels, there are also many summer houses in the region.

Are is mostly preferred by Turkish tourists but some foreign tourists can be seen too. Kaz (Ida) mountains are a very important nature reserve. Besides beaches, mountain area is used for tourism too. Safari tours to the mountain gives chance to see points like Hasanboğuldu lake, Sarıkız hill and some villages. In Tahtakuşlar village, there is an etnography museum.

In Edremit, there are every kind of olive and olive oil products. Olive oil is not only used in kitchen, also a very important cosmetic raw material. You can buy olive oil creams, soaps, shampoos, shower gels, even olive oil eau de cologne in Edremit. Edremit is ethnically very diversed and this reflects to region's cuisine as well. Balkan immigrants, Crete immigrants and nomads of Ida montains have their own traditional recipes and all of these create Edremit cuisine. Every tourist should taste the local dishes. Yacht charter Turkey.

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