If you are bored of people and of buildings and of limited areas, here is an idea for you that will make you feel like whole with the nature itself. You will have a chance to see new places and also to enjoy the life in a yacht under the sun and above the sea. Yacht charter Greece offers you this chance of a lifetime both to explore and to enjoy.

You will be on a yacht where you will feel yourself at home and you will also have a chance to get off the yacht and explore an island which you have never seen before. Donoussa is a Greek island belonging to Cyclades group. With 13,75 square kilometre area and a population of 167 people, you will find peace within yourself and the environment.

There are three villages called Mersini, Kalotaritissa and Charavgi which you can also visit. It is a very isolated island having an untouched nature. As there are not much ferry tours that go there, you will be lucky if you take our yacht charter greek islands, because by doing that you will explore the island as long as you will and you will be able to leave it whenever you like, because the yacht will be readly waiting for you. You can do walking and exploring or you can just lay back on the beach and enjoy the sea. If you like the quietness, Donoussa is your island. You can watch the beautiful sunset and have memorable moments of your own. You can best explore the island by walking and whenever you feel hot, you can directly find yourself at sea. Away from civilization, away from misunderstandings and the haste,

Donoussa offers you the most peaceful holiday you will ever experience in your whole life. If you like the peace and the sea and if you want to have it all, you should try our yacht charter turkey.

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