The beautiful Greek islands Kasos is a part of Dodecanese islands group, also known as “Caso” in Italian. It is located between Karpathos and Crete and its shape is similar to Rhodes island. The island is 17 km long and it is very mountainous with the highest point of 550 metres. It has sources of fresh water and it is beautiful in terms of nature. T

ourism is not very developed on the island but it is still worth visiting because of its cheese, fish and hospitality of its people. The main town of the island is called Fry. The island may not be cosmopolitan but there are still coffee shops, snack bars and places to hear some traditional music. There are also nightclubs where people can drink, dance and have fun. The island is also very active in terms of sports. Each summer a local football championship takes place on the island.

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The youth sports centre on the island is a place for events like painting and various exhibitions. The island is definitely worth seeing to experience the traditional life of  Kasos. As it is not very crowded with tourists you will have some time of your own and have a relaxing holiday. The island has been inhabited since the ancient times and historical monuments, churches and monasteries on different places of the island belonging to different periods are a strong evidence for this. Motor yacht charter Greece takes you to a journey that includes deep blue waters, sun, entertainment, calmness and peace. By sailing to Greece with yacht charter Greek Islands you will be able to reach all of these things. You will relax first on the yacht and then you will relax on the beaches of the island where you will never want to leave this place to go back. For further information please contact us and let us arrange you the perfect holiday you need, full of new experiences and adventures. 

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