Didim is inheritor of ancient Didyma settlement. This touristic town is one of the most important tourism centers of Aydın province. Province center Aydın is 120 kilometers far from Didim. Didim county is located on the shores of Güllük Bay.

Didim is famous for its sandy beaches. There are also lots of pristine coves around the town. In Didim you can find every type of accommodation like hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, etc. Also you can rent an apartment or a villa. Turkish citizens from cities like Istanbul or Ankara and many British families own summer houses here. You'll see so many British tourists in Didim. D-Marin Didim yacht club also attracts some high income group tourists in recent years.

Bafa lake, Miletos and Priene ancient settlements are some of the important points to see. Didim has a dry, sunny and warm climate. This makes living easier and the sea is suitable for swimming and water sports during most of the year. Didim also hosts a quite decent night life. You can find every kind of bars in the town. Yacht charter Turkey.

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