Dalyan River Cruise

Ekincik has a small quay where a yacht can moor whilst its passengers take a day trip to Dalyan to enjoy the famous mud baths. A couple of restaurant bars ashore can make Ekincik a worthwhile overnight stop.

A day trip boat can be hired here, a vessel more suited to the shallow water and narrow channels of the Dalyan river delta where caretta caretta or sea turtles have chosen to be their breeding ground. The marshy delta with the protective sand spit that is Iztuzu beach, the mud baths and cliff tombs in Dalyan all make for an enchanting days outing.

Sailing on the river through the mazy reed channels in the Dalyan Delta is bliss. It was beautiful enough to host Humphrey Bogart when he filmed a scene from the "The African Queen" in 1951.

A stop-over at the magnificent Rock Tombs carved high into the cliffs gives you the chance to marvel at the ancient civilisations that used to live in the city of Caunos.

The route passes through the Dalyan River on its way to the ruins of Caunos and onto Iztuzu beach. This is a 5km stretch of pristine sand, and a protected nesting site of loggerhead turtles, called CarettaCaretta.Finally you’ll get to sample Dalyan’sfountain of youth, the mud baths, which will invigorate your skin. It’s fun, and offers a great chance for an unusual picture to put on Instagram, Facebook etc.

The loggerhead turtle is a shy and private animal. They don’t like strange noises, bright lights or being touched. So in order to observe them in their natural habitat we’ll take you out in our boat early in the morning to watch them feeding on their favourite crab and fish diet. dalyan excursions

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