The Greek island Paros is especially crowded during summer. As it is the second largest island belonging to Cyclades group, it has a 120km long coastline with numerous beaches to spend the day on. The island is very close to other Cyclades islands such as Naxos, Ios, Sifnos and Syros. The island is also the third in terms of population, after Santorini and Mykonos. It is an island full of beauties.

There are also many villages to visit along its many beaches. It is a rich island in terms of history and archeology. There are also watersports that can be tried during the day, such as wind- and kitesurfing. If you want to explore the around the best way to do it is walking. But you can also rent a car or use the bus service. As you can see if you want to be on open air during your holiday, close to the sea, the sun, the sky as well as to history and nature, sailing to Greece is exactly what you need. Yacht charter Greek islands offer you this opportunity to spend an extraordinary holiday full of peace, fun and joy.

When you go to Paros you must not miss to see the Panagia Ekatontapiliani church built in the 4th Century. You must see the town of Parikia, the biggest town among the Cyclades islands. There is an aqua park for the kids to enjoy on the island. By using motor yacht charter Greece, you will find the chance to do all of these things and also to see all of these new places without worrying about time or about where to stay. You will go there on yachts on which you will enjoy your time during you journey and when you arrive at the planned destination you will get as much time as you need to see the island. Do not miss this perfect holiday and contact us now.

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