If you are interested in experiencing a different kind of holiday, here is a chance for you. We, as yacht charter greece, offer the opportunity of a life time. We take you in our comfortable yachts where you will feel like at home and according to your needs and your budget, we will take you to an adventurous tour full of excitement and joy.

You will not only experience the sun and the sea on the yacht but you will also have a chance to see a Greek island. There are many small Greek islands from which you can choose to see and Iraklia is one of them. You can choose your yacht from many options you have. You can have a standart yacht, a luxury yacht, a delux yacht or even an ultra delux yacht. Iraklia or also known as Heraklia, is an island of Cyclades Islands group. Here you can find the biggest caves and do exploration.

There are two settlements on the island that are called Panagia and Agios Georgios. The history of Iraklia dates back to ancient times. You will find paintings on the rocks dating back to 5000 years before. There is also the remains of a fortress. The island is not very populated. In the year 2001 there were only 151 inhabitants and in the year 2011 the number has decreased to 141. So if you like solitude and want to spend a time of your own only by yourself or by your family and friends, this island is the right choice for you.

You will explore the mystique nature of the island while also having an adventurous time. By taking yacht charter greek islands, your adventure will start during your journey on the yacht and after you get off the yacht, the adventure will go on where every moment will be worth experiencing.

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