Folegandros is a small island of Greece that is a quiet place suitable for people who like calmness. It has three villages to see and their names are Chora, Karavostasi and Ano Meria. Chora is the main town and the port is in Karavostasi. You can get to the island by ferry but by taking our yacht charter greece, you will be enjoying your voyage as you will be able to make yourself comfortable on the yacht, which has all the things you would expect and you will also be able to explore the island as long as you want, without needing to buy a ticket or worrying to miss the ferry. When you go there you can visit the main town Chora which is very authentic and beautiful.

The Folegandros island is defitinely worth visiting if you want an interesting and alternative holiday. You can take long walks on the island and when you are tired, you can go to a beach and relax. Angali beach is especially recommended for the tourists. You will be enjoying the sun, the sand and the clear water. You can also visit the caves on the island. There are two caves that are called Cave of Farangi and Gold Cave.

There is a folkloric museum to see in Ano Meria. If you like the silence, nature and stillness, Greece yacht charter offers you exactly what you need. You will be relaxing and enjoying the sound of the sea on the yacht and you can also see a new place. You will be fascinated by the clear water, the weather and the yacht tour itself. If you do not want to be in the crowd any more and if you only want to relax, yacht charter greek islands is the right choice for you. Do not feel like you are out of options, just contact us and experience a wonderful holiday which you will never forget.

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