A holiday combining the sea and the land can only be possible by joining a sea-going cruise and a land tour. If you really want to experience a destination, you must take yacht charter Greece to explore the Greek island Andros. The island is between Euboia and Tinos islands. Among the Cyclades islands, it is the second biggest island after Naxos. After your quite and peaceful voyage with our yachts, you can discover citrus and olivetrees as well as waterfalls, streams and water springs on the island.

If you like the peace and the quite, this island offers you the best of them. With its mythological history it is not only beautiful but also mystical. By enjoying a time of your own in the yachts, you can benefit both from the sea and from the sun. If you want to add unforgettable moments to your life, you better not miss this adventurous cruise and land tour. People who are bored of cars, of buildings and of the crowd, yacht charter greek islands is your ticket. Once you set foot on the island you can walk, take the bus, or use taxi to see around, or you can also rent motorbikes or bicycles.

This unique island will not only fascinate you with its high mountains but also with its deep green valleys, slopes, sandy beaches and many other natural beauties. Yacht charter Greece is the best holiday to relax and to enjoy. For people, who are aware of the importance of unique moments, Andros is the right island to come to. It is a paradise not only because of its nature but also because of all the activities that can be done and all the places that can be visited. You can dive, ride a horse, or watch the birds or you can also see the museums, monasteries or the churches. 

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