The biggest island of Greece is Crete and it is a very touristic island offering many facilities like hotels, beaches, restaurants and many other things. Despite mass tourism, Crete still keeps its natural beauties. Being an ancient island, many traces can be found from Venetian, Medieval, Ottoman and Byzantine period. There are towns, castles, mosques and monasteries to be visited.

Nobody gets bored in Crete and it is this fact that makes the island so famous. People from all around the world are searching for an opportunity to spend a holiday on this island. Yacht charter to Greek islands is here to make this dream come true. Everyone once in a life time should see the island of Crete in order to see its cosmopolitan atmosphere, rich culture and natural beauty. If you are searching for a place with mixed cultures and with a long history, Crete is the right place to go to. It is a dazzling experience for tourists to encounter with many different types of architecture from different periods, to see various museums and also to have a splendid holiday with loved ones.

The island is divided into four regions that are called Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lassithi. Northern Crete is much more touristic while the southern part is more secluded. That is why you can choose between these two options. You can be away from the eyes or you can be among the crowd. It is all up to you. By taking motor yacht charter Greece, you can have the opportunity to get an idea about both of the options. You can spend some time on the northern part and some time on the southern part. Sailing to Greek islands will give you much more joy than going there by plain or ferry. You will have the yacht under your service and you will be the one to choose where to go and how long to stay. Do not miss this chance and call us now. 

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